Selasa, 23 Juni 2009

Cincin Kuno Batu Ruby Crystal

About Ruby Stone of this beauty is to feel we can penetrate the heart and the hearts who see tehe stone :)

Ruby, precious stone, the transparent red variety of corundum from pink to red-blood corrundum called pigeon blood ruby.Rubies found mainly in Myanmar (Burma), Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand.These red corrundum classified among the most valuable of Gems. Rubies in Burma is blood red, pigeon blood. Siam is a dark ruby ruby while Sri Lanka is lighter than the Burmese. The red color is caused mainly by the element chromium. Ruby is classified as one of the four precious stones. The other is a diamond, sapphire, and emerald.

Ruby is the birthstone for those born in July. Who believe that their wearers ruby they bring happiness and wisdom while gamblers and lovers believen which will bring goodluck to them.

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