Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Besi Kuning Dalam sarang Tawon Tua

Yellow iron comes from an old wasp nest. there is usually above the mountain. but at a certain point of a hidden wasp nest that there is usually a form of cocoon small silent and I have hole of needle holes. within the cocoon that there is a pair of iron, yellow, with a term-called Yellow Metal.

Perhaps, the wasp existing in that region using the yellow metal is to sharpen Entupnya to stay strong "can" it as their weapon. Perhaps also, woodpecker onion old-sahibul tale is one of the animals given the blessing of God I, jg often plane iron on it. Sumsel known in the term as the iron Angkus.

Wong kito Galo and Orang2 from Bugis Makasar very confident because it has often proved the potency of the yellow metal as one of their grip when the fight in the field. Reputedly used for anti-shaving as yellow iron has the magical power is very big. (Fill in if Khodam)
I wonder, do the wasp is in the region that use iron ....

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