Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Batu Safir Birma Putih

Batu ini memiliki warna dasar putih dengan urat batu yang sedikit berwarna hitam kecoklatan. Nampak anggun dan berwibawa. Miliki segera..ASAL MYANMAR

Sapphire is a variety of corundum is almost the best color corundum gem. It's popular to make jewelry, because from the beginning to stabilize (it's very hard) then it's good quality and variety of beautiful colors that make it likely will go for a long time.

Now, Pink Sapphires are very popular. The biggest mine in Madagascar Sapphire now includes around thirty Thai - owned companies to help overcome the problems of burgeoning gem industry. World Bank to help Madagascar manage the mineral resources more effectively. Initially, a large amount of pink Sapphires dealer not interested because they can not believe that designers demand and very little guarantee that the pink Sapphire akan never have a place in the market trends.

Pink Sapphires are corundum other differences, such as Sapphire only trace elements Cr makes it pink. The Pink Sapphire soft sweet in a very good color almost transparent clear that Sapphire is found primarily in Madagascar. Pink Sapphire media is often the color of light into a tone that love jewelry with color, and stone color pink is the color of nature is almost impossible to improve the color pink, not like other sapphires.

Method for maintaining the flow without the pink does not save the stone a different hard together as they may scratch.

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